Ash Lin is a Taipei-based photographer/ videographer/ music journalist / music event producer. Deeply immersed in rave and underground culture during her 4-year stay in London, her relocation back to Taipei never means to exclude herself from this influentially vibrant scene. Apart from her commissioned projects, she does photography and visual materials for Beijing-based music label Do Hits and Taipei’s music collective UnderU from time to time. As a person holding triple identities: witness of electronic music scene, photo taker, and full-time raver, her audio experiences and partners in crime’s stories drive her to visually archive what she’s been told and overheard.

Currently she’s the A&R and PR of NXWV Media powered by Guerrilla Group and the core crew of Taiwan’s first large-scale electronic music and digital  arts event SYNERGY FESTIVAL



2010 – 2011 Goldsmiths, University of London
MA in Photography : Images and Electronic Arts ( with merit )


2022 Event producer, NTS x Bottega Veneta, Taipei Taiwan

2022 Media Relation / Director of Photography, SYNERGY FESTIVAL, Taipei Taiwan

2021 Featured artist and photographer, 同性結婚の合法化を叶えた台湾。そこで暮らすアーティストたちが模索する平等への道のり, i-D Japan, Tokyo, Japan

2020 Photographer, Zweikommasieben Magazin , Switzerland

2019  Producer / PR / Copywriter, OS:VI ‘Endless Rain’ Audiovisual event (Headliners: GILA & Mars89), Taipei , Taiwan

2019 Director / Producer / Camera, Sonia Calico: ‘Clutter Confines’ - Taiwan’s same-sex marriage legalisation project , Taiwan (Premiered on Boiler Room 4:3)

2019 Photographer, CLABO+ 1st Issue, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab空總台灣當代文化實驗場C-lab, Taiwan

2019 Videographer, Ambient Music Session, Taipei Artist Village

2019 Photographer, ARTWAVE, TPAM(Tokyo Performing Art Market) 国際舞台芸術ミーティング, Yokohama, Japan

2018 Planner / PR / Copywriter, 生命誠可貴愛情價更高但為自由故兩者皆可拋 Tiger Mountain Music Festival (Lineup: M.E.S.H, Tzusing, Sonia Calico, Mars89, Meuko!Meuko!), Taipei, Taiwan

2018 Event producer / PR , SCV Takeover: Tokyo | Pop-Up Shop + "Do Hits & Friends" Party @ Forestlimit, Tokyo, Japan

2018 Event producer / PR , SCV Takeover: Seoul | Pop-Up Shop + "Do Hits & Friends" Party @ Henz Club, Seoul, South Korea

2018 Photographer, If on a Winter's Night an Employee 冬の夜ひとりの従業員が, TPAM(Tokyo Performing Art Market) 国際舞台芸術ミーティング, Yokohama Japan

2017 Photographer, “Howie Lee is the Sound of China's Cyber Underground”Exclusive photos on Vice (Thump), Taiwan

2017 Featured artist, “不和諧的日常倫敦”, 小日子雜誌 C'est Ci Bon Mag, Taiwan

2017 Photographer, 誠品設計展專刊 Eslite Design Festival Special Issue, Eslite Book 誠品書店 , Taiwan

2015 Participating artist, HAGAI花開 Space Issue Launch Exhibition , SiuSiu 少少感覺研究室 , Taipei , Taiwan

2015 Participating artist,「非朝九晚五特工」提案 On The Desk Magazine , Eslite Book 誠品書店 , Taiwan

2015 Featured artist, HAGAI花開雜誌 Space Issue , Taiwan

2014 Participating artist, 'BITS' Exhibition joint solo exhibition , Layers London , UK

2013 Photographer, "The Artist of Living - Pomme Chan" , Wallpaper Magazine Thai Edition , Dec Issue , Thailand

2013 Photographer, "The Soda Man - Pakpoom Silaphan" , Wallpaper Magazine Thai Edition , Nov Issue , Thailand

2011 Participating artist, Goldsmiths Media Department Group Show , London UK

2011 Visual Design, Memotopia , Taiwan Documentary Festival UK , London UK

Clients & Exposure

FactMag / Vice US (THUMP) / Noisey / Boiler Room / Zweikommasieben / Mixmag / Resident Advisor / NTS Radio / Lot Radio / Quitus / Vice China / Ginza Magazine / Popeye Magazine / Wallpaper Magazine / Higher Frequency Magazine /  Novembre Magazine / Worldwide FM / i-D Japan / i-D China / Dazed Digital (UK) / Samsung (TW) / MAEKAN / New Balance (China)  / Performing Arts Alliance Taiwan / Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab / The National Culture and Arts Foundation / Eslite Book / Guerrilla Group / SHAO YEN / Irene SJ Yu / W Hotel / Layers London / Tommy Hilfiger Japan... and more.