Ash Lin is a Taipei-based-frequently-Tokyo-bound freelancing photographer and music event planner. Greatly influenced from rave and underground culture during her 4-year stay in London, her relocation back to Taipei never means to exclude herself from this tiny yet vibrant scene. Currently She does photography and visual materials for Beijing-based music label Do Hits and also a core member of SCV Clothing. As a person holding triple identities: partly insider in electronic music scene, photo taker, and full-time raver, her audio experience and partners in crime’s stories drive her to visually archive what she’s been told and listened.

台北出身のAsh(アシュ)。4年間イギリスに住んでいた間、アンダーグラウンドカルチャーに慣れ親しみ、台湾に帰国した後も常に小さくとも活気溢れるサブカルシーンを追っている。最近は、北京を拠点としたのレーベルDo Hitsの写真撮影やビジュアル素材制作をしたり、SCV Clothingのコアメンバーでもある。Ashの3番の顔といえば、エレクトロミュージックシーンのちょっとしたインサイダー、写真家、パーティー好き。音楽経験や音楽関係の友人達から聞く話に掻き立てられ、自身の見聞を視覚的にアーカイブしてしまいがちのようである。

Artist Activities

2018 Photographer, Sunset Rollercoaster 落日飛車 Feature, Popeye Magazine

2018 Photographer, If on a Winter's Night an Employee 冬の夜ひとりの従業員が, TPAM(Tokyo Performing Art Market) 国際舞台芸術ミーティング, Yokohama, Japan

2017 Featured artist, 小日子雜誌 C'est Ci Bon Mag , Taiwan

2017 Photographer, 誠品設計展專刊 Eslite Design Festival Special Issue, Eslite Book 誠品書店 , Taiwan

2015 Participating artist, HAGAI花開 Space Issue Launch Exhibition , SiuSiu 少少感覺研究室 , Taipei , TW

2015 Participating artist,「非朝九晚五特工」提案 On The Desk Magazine , Eslite Book 誠品書店 , Taiwan

2015 Featured artist, HAGAI花開雜誌 Space Issue , Taiwan

2014 Participating artist, 'BITS' Exhibition joint solo exhibition , Layers London , UK

2013 Photogrpaher, "The Artist of Living - Pomme Chan" , Wallpaper Magazine Thai Edition , Dec Issue , Thailand

2013 Photographer, "The Soda Man - Pakpoom Silaphan" , Wallpaper Magazine Thai Edition , Nov Issue , Thailand

2011 Participating artist, Goldsmiths Media Department Group Show , London UK

2011 Visual Design, Memotopia , Taiwan Documentary Festival UK , London UK

2011 MA in Photography ( The Image and Electronic Arts ), Goldsmiths , University of London , UK